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We're currently under construction, busy conjuring up an app to help readers craft a lifetime reading plan. This isn't about being a slave to a list (that's no fun!), but rather helping readers come up with a plan that suits their aspirations, from classics to current best sellers.


So many books, so little time

The avid reader will make it through about 5,000 books in a lifetime. With an estimated 130 million published titles out there, we need to choose wisely. Who should we trust to guide us on those 5,000 deeply personal journeys? Booketlist wants to help. 


So lifetime reading plans are a thing?

Yeah, this was news to me too, and I'm both a reader and a compulsive planner. I first heard about the concept in a charming column in the Weekend Financial Times (which, BTW, also has a terrific multi-page Books section) by Nilanjana Roy. Inspired, I decided to put my work experience in tech into action and try my hand at an app about my favorite thing in the world: books. 

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